Tin Star restaurant provides a healthier choice of unique Southwest and Mexican cuisine. Tin Star is an emerging leader in the “fast-casual” dining. Every menu item is made from scratch on-site with high quality, fresh ingredients.

Equipped with nearly 30 years of experience working in restaurant chains, Jay Battle and his wife Sarah were determined to follow their dreams of owning a restaurant franchise. The Battles met with Senior Business Advisor Jaime Martinez to discuss their options and have their business plan and financials reviewed. In June of 2010, Mr. and Mrs. Battle funded the opening of their own Tin Star restaurant, which is located in an active area of central San Antonio off of Callaghan Road. Noticing their restaurant’s immediate success, the Battles knew they needed working capital to continue forward. They again met with Jaime for assistance with a loan request, as well as advice throughout the loan process. With Jaime’s help, the Battles were approved for a commercial loan from United San Antonio Federal Credit Union. With these loan proceeds, the Battles continue to realize their dreams of restaurant ownership with the help of 25 employees. Jay and Sarah enjoy serving patrons their unique cuisine and feel that their guests appreciate the unique flavor profiles of their food