SMITH/Associates is a small, woman-owned consulting firm that focuses on bringing numerous parties with divergent goals and approaches together to achieve measurable results. Their clients are the U.S. military, federal government agencies worldwide, as well as local government agencies.

SMITH/Associates was founded in 2001 by owner Patti Muller-Smith. Leigh-Ann Fabianke, the company’s vice-president, began working with Senior Certified Business Advisor Richard Sifuentes in 2006 to seek advice on how to grow the business and obtain additional government contracts. At that time, the company had fewer than 10 employees in their San Antonio office. With Richard’s help, the company developed strategies for increasing their government business. The company also sought the advice of the SBDC Contracting Resource Center for assistance with human resource policies. Since then, the company has expanded their sales force to 65 employees throughout the country, as well as in Korea and Portugal. The company has also created a GmbH subsidiary, a German limited liability company, so they may conduct business in Germany and other overseas areas. SMITH/Associates recently obtained their GSA schedule.