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Dan Norris

dan-norrisDan Norris is a lively, energetic and effective presenter who specializes in the science of ethical influence. His entertaining presentation style weaves humor, stories, and science together in a way that quickly involves the audience and leaves them with ideas they can apply immediately. One of only a few individuals worldwide who currently hold the Cialdini Method Certified Trainer designation (a specialization in the psychology of persuasion–earned directly from Dr. Robert Cialdini, the leading authority on the subject), Dan helps organizations take the latest scientific research out of the laboratory and apply it in their own day-to-day sales, leadership, and customer service applications.

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Guy Clumpner

guy-clumpnerGUY CLUMPNER has been with the HOLT CAT organization for 30 years and has been instrumental in the development, integration, and evolution of the HOLT Values Based Leadership model. He uses this experience to help other organizations improve their operations through improved communication. His dry wit and humorous stories keeps others engaged while still delivering meaningful content.

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